Stake BAKE to Earn TSA tokens !

2 min readApr 15, 2021

The Art Of TEAsWAP ( “TSA” or “ TEAsWAP”) is a new cross-chain of NFTart Marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum network, powered by the native governance token TSA. TSA features NFT collections, NFT marketplace and NFT Incubator, brings together creators, collectors, curators, influencers, brokers, wallets, auctioneers around the world to the NFT digital space. TSA invites you to join us on the brand-new NFT journey.

From April 16 to July 16, all BAKE holders can take a share from 500,000 TSA reward pool. Come get your TSA tokens !

TSA has been created to give TSA community the power to influence decisions and incentivize active participation and provide creators and collectors with the opportunity to propose and vote on platform upgrades and community development.

TSA Top 3 Collections: CaoJun NFT limited editions, Peter Blake limited editions,Gus Bawab and Emmanuel Robbe limited editions. By collecting an TSA NFT collection, users are able to redeem the completed NFT for physical artworks. TSA collections will be planning to launch on BakerySwap ( and OpenSea in April, 2021 ( )

TSA also provides yield farming opportunities for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and both cryptocurrencies within TSA community.

Learn more: ( Our Web 3.0 is still under development )


TSANFT Incubator is the one hub for Web3Social Token Economy governed by the native governance token TSA and DeFi solutions.